SME : Quick Start Plan

Fast-Tracking Your Success with the 80-20 Rule

Experience 80% of Benefits in Just 20% of the Time

Swift Setup: Our approach prioritizes getting the essential Odoo functionalities up and running within just 4 to 6 weeks. This allows you to start improving your operations and productivity almost immediately.

Immediate Impact: By focusing on the core 80% of your business processes, we deliver a functional system quickly, providing immediate value without lengthy delays.

Customizations After Go-Live

Smooth Transition: The remaining 20% of your needs, typically involving customizations and specific integrations, are addressed post-go-live. This ensures your business can continue running smoothly while we refine the system.

Tailored Solutions: We work closely with you to understand and implement these customizations, ensuring Odoo aligns perfectly with your unique processes and goals.

Our Proven Implementation Plan

Understanding Your Requirements

We conduct in-depth meetings to understand your business processes and needs.

We document these requirements in a comprehensive Business Requirements Document (BRD).

GAP Analysis

We compare your current processes with Odoo’s capabilities to identify any gaps.

We propose solutions to bridge these gaps effectively.

Data Migration

We assess and transform your existing data to fit Odoo’s structure.

We ensure data accuracy and integrity to minimize disruptions.

Configuring Odoo

We set up essential Odoo modules based on your BRD and GAP analysis.

We customize workflows to match your immediate business needs.

User Training and Guides

We create user-friendly manuals and training materials.

We empower your team to use Odoo confidently and effectively.

Demonstrations and Feedback

We provide regular system demos at key milestones.

We make iterative adjustments based on your feedback.

Hosting and Deployment

We set up a reliable and scalable hosting environment.

We ensure a smooth transition to the live environment.